When we’re at our best

One of the things we love about our work is that every engagement is truly different.

Through a wide variety of experiences, we’ve learned that we’re at our best when:


An effort is about doing genuine good for humanity, not creating winners and losers, pumping up profits, or burnishing someone’s ego


The challenge exists at the intersection of multiple sectors. In other words, bringing the idea to life requires collaboration between the public, non-profits, government, corporations, and other groups


There is no easy answer. Bringing the idea to life requires managing significant ambiguity and complexity


The public has a critical role to play in the solution, either as direct beneficiaries, partners in change, or sources of inspiration


Legislative action is only one of multiple ways for change to occur


Without thoughtful, sustained intervention, the status quo would be the most likely outcome

Who we work with

Given the multi-sector nature of our work, we work with clients across the entire social sector ecosystem, including:

Our approach

Over a wide variety of engagements, we’ve developed and refined a five step methodology for translating inspiring ideas into real world impact.

While every project is highly customized (see below for more information), we’ve found that employing a standardized approach is invaluable in a complex, ambiguous environment.

Typical engagements

Our preference is to be involved early in the process and engage as deeply as possible. That said, we realize that timelines, budgets, and cultures do not always allow this to happen.

As a result, we’ve designed our methodology to be flexible enough to support your effort at different points and with varying levels of engagement.

Based on your organization’s specific needs, one or more of the following approaches may be appropriate: