A better world

Undoubtedly, there are many serious challenges facing our society and our planet.

Nonetheless, we’re optimistic that a radically better future is possible if we focus on solving the right problems now.

We’ve been inspired by the many groups and individuals that are already hard at work, and we hope to work with them to make a better world possible.

Clean planet

Despite generations of neglect and abuse, we believe it is possible to reverse the harm we’ve done to Earth’s water, air, land, and other inhabitants by:

  • Reducing raw material and energy consumption
  • Encouraging re-use and recycling
  • Embracing sustainable and ethical agriculture practices
  • Preventing further destruction of natural habitats
Healthy people

We believe it is possible to restore every human being to their natural state of physical and mental wellness by:

  • Providing access to clean drinking water
  • Promoting healthy nutrition
  • Preventing exposure to toxins
  • Encouraging regular exercise
  • Ensuring universal access to quality healthcare
  • Reducing everyday stresses
Strong communities

We believe it is possible for members of all communities to rediscover the value of kindness, optimism, and balance by:

  • Deepening appreciation for diverse ways of thinking and living
  • Ensuring equal economic and social opportunity for all
  • Providing humane and dignified work environments
  • Reducing consumerism
  • Developing greater respect for nature

At Bordoni & Company, our mission is to identify the individuals, teams, and organizations that are deeply committed to making the world cleaner, healthier, and more enlightened, and help them move from bold ideas to impactful solutions.