What’s the challenge?

We’re energized by the well-intentioned individuals, teams, and organizations that are doing their best to improve the world.
Among these groups and others, there are many creative ideas that have the potential to significantly improve our world.
At the same time, many ideas are never translated from inspiration to action, or action to impact.
Why not?

In our experience, promising ideas are often left unexplored because of:

  • An unclear return on investment
  • Fear of failure
  • Inadequate resourcing
  • Misaligned interests
  • Lack of a clear plan to move forward

Other times, bold ideas are pursued but do not produce the desired impact. In these cases, we see efforts fail as a result of a:

  • Failure to establish the case for change
  • Ambiguous vision of success
  • Incoherent or incomplete theory of change
  • Lack of clear engagement from key stakeholders


We believe it is possible to help organizations systematically address these challenges and bring their biggest, most exciting ideas to life.



How are we making a difference?

Our mission is to identify the individuals, teams, and organizations that are deeply committed to making the world cleaner, individuals healthier, and communities stronger, and to help them move from inspiring ideas to impactful solutions.